October 18, 2005

So how many times a day do you check Site Meter?

The life of a blogger.

UPDATE: I'll bet no one checks the Site Meter as often as I do. I can become mesmerized clicking from one page of it to another. What's going on with the world map? Let's map the last 200 visitors. Someone in Riyadh is reading. Let's look at the time zones. The "Who's On?" pages. Who's been on the longest? Why someone in Virginia Beach has been reading for over 100 minutes and has viewed 40+ pages. How's the year going? Will this month be the highest traffic yet? How about the referring web pages ranked by visit? And the search words ranked by visit? As usual, the therefore symbol and Kate Moss naked are doing well, with some interesting action today for "high heeled boots" and "fo shizzle" -- which I doubt I've ever written. Yeah, it's in a comment. Ha, ha -- I come up fifth in Google for "fo shizzle." That's so wrong. And now writing this post might boost me higher in the crazy ranking business that is Google. And so, hours drift by....


Steven Taylor said...

I haven't the vaguest idea what he is talking about.

Eddie said...

I check it often.

Peopleslawyer said...

Almost never. I actually practice law full time. I add to the blog, and what happens site wise happens.

vbspurs said...

I confess -- I'm at Althousian levels for Site-Metre checking.

But it gets worse. I have another hit counter from Italy, and I check that too, since their data is different (in many ways, better) than the still excellent SM.

Now I have another obsession...until it becomes second-hat at least.

I've just become a blog beggar at Blogads.

Since last night, I must've refreshed a million times to see who or what is sponsoring a new ad of mine -- as well as seeing which of my 5 ads were added on to sites.

This has a secondary purpose though:

I am now much more receptive to clicking on ads, say on Althouse, because I know every little bit helps.



Steve Donohue said...

You gave in to the trackback hounds! I thought you'd hold out. Now I'm one of the few people that completely disregards this.

I don't want to know everyone who posts something about my site. For me, it's always a pleasant suprise to find out a couple of months later that someone had been talking about what I thought was a completely needless topic.

I do check sitemeter often, but seldom do I find anything as interesting as you.

olivia1 said...

So, I couldn't quite tell but does this mean if a blogger is a friend who knows your email address they can tell if you've visited their site and how long you stayed? Does every blog meter work the same way?

Ann Althouse said...

Steve: I just tested the feature for a few minutes and then took it down. I hadn't noticed Blogger lets you do that, but then I decided I didn't want it. Too much clutter. I can see who's linking anyway.

Olivia: No. Email addresses aren't revealed. Only the names of the cities, something that really fascinates me. I'm really touched when I see that someone from far away is reading.

john marzan said...

can you tell me my location using sitemeter?

john marzan said...

you can also adjust your comments permalink to include the time AND date. For example. 6:35 PM, October 19, 2005, instead of just 6:35 PM.

A new blogger option too, i think.

Ann Althouse said...

John: If you want to know anything about what I can see on Site Meter, click on Site Meter and look. It's not private. Basically, I can't tell WHO is here (unless you comment), but I can see where people are from.

And thanks for the tip about getting dates on the comments.

Charles Malik said...

I'm one of your distant, but devoted readers.

In fact, I'm getting other people in Beirut to read your blog as an example of good blogging. Word-of-mouth in Beirut is a powerful thing (given that internet access sucks), but I'm no Glenn Reynolds.

Now that Michael Totten lives in town, I wonder if any other Blogebrities will crash the neighborhood. Beirut is much nicer than Riyadh.

Ann Althouse said...

Hi, Lebanon. Thanks for reading. Glad to see you're a fellow "Minimalist."

CG said...

I am your reader from Dubai.
I was actually searching on google for something better than sitemeter, as like you, I am also addicted to analyzing my visitors. God only knows why anyone would even visit my blog let alone stay there for more than 5 minutes. Strange but true.
I shall come back and have a good browse through yours when I have more time.
Congratulations on rising up the google list!!