October 8, 2005

"Robert Bork 'Borks' Harriet Miers."

Great headline.


amba said...

Bork "Borks" Miers, Miers Smears Bork?

Ann Althouse said...

Too bad it's pronounced like "Myers."

P_J said...

Saw the headline and immediately thought of the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show:

"Bork! Bork! Bork!"

JSU said...

when dave wannstadt announced that rick mirer was going to be the new starting quarterback

... for the next 20 years.

Eli Blake said...

I don't get it. Miers is conservative. She is a Republican, and the people who know her best say she is conservative. And she is the choice of a President who is without a doubt, conservative. So it shouldn't be conservatives who are getting tied up in knots about this, but it is.

I don't know if Miers, as I've heard rumored, was supposed to be a rope-a-dope candidate who was supposed to get liberals to 'bite' and then withdraw so that Bush could nominate someone awful and then attack Democrats in the event of a filibuster as 'they wouldn't accept Miers either, so they won't accept anyone' as a pretext for the nuclear option to force a hardcore conservative through, but if that was their thinking then they miscalculated because we didn't take the bait.

The reason why those of us on the left don't mind her that much is because we don't believe that she is likely to be as rigid and inflexible as a Scalia or a Thomas. That doesn't mean we expect her to be a liberal (she is not), we just expect that she, as a career lawyer and a very intelligent one at that, is more likely to actually listen to and base her decisions on the facts rather than making up her decisions ahead of time based on purely ideological preconceptions.

So are all these conservatives against Miers saying that they prefer some hidebound, rigid neanderthal on the court that is supposed to set precedent for the entire nation?

Robert said...

It's not that big a deal, but this article says that Bork is "Yale trained." No. Bork never attended Yale. His law degree is from the University of Chicago.

He long taught at Yale.