October 3, 2005

Miers + cronyism.

That's my Google News search for the day. Only four hits right now, but I'm expecting to see opinion on Miers form around the accusation that Bush is into cronyism. I'll be monitoring that. Here's the same search done in Google Blogs: currently, 23 hits.

UPDATE: I wonder how long it will take for someone to call Miers a "crone." Too sexist, you think? Clearly, you haven't read as many Mary Daly books as I have!


Mike said...

At least they're using it correctly since the definition of croynismis:

"Cronyism is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to public office without regard for their qualifications. The word "cronyism" is always used derogatorily."

A one term city council member, president of state and local bar association, head of Texas lottery, and white house counsel isn't exactly how one would describe a well-qualified supreme court nominee.

I mean, they're touting her as a trailblazer, but there are probably hundreds of well-qualified women nowadays--Professor Althouse among them (man those would be some spastic oral arguments--ed.). The only thing that seems to put her above others is her inside connection with the president.

Mark Daniels said...

Go to the Google blog search page and you'll see a lot more than four entries.

The reaction from the conservatives so far is more virulent than that of liberals.

She has a lot of folks gunning at her right now.

Hamsun56 said...

Who was the last "crony" appointed to the Supreme Court? Fortas?

Ann Althouse said...

Andrew: Rehnquist might count.

Hamsun56 said...

Thought about Rehnquist as a Nixon "crony", but did he work as long and closely with Nixon as Miers has with Bush? I recall reading that Nixon repeatedly mispronounced his name. Johnson certainly was indebted to Fortas – was Nixon indebted to Rehnquist?

blogwalla said...

The beauty of this nomination is that although she reeks of cronyism - a fellow Texan w/o judge experience who ran the local lottery (Arabian Horse Association, anyone?) -- is still just qualified enough for Bush to serve her up as a nominee.

One may conjecture that he's actually offering up a sacrificial lamb -- and either he'll get his way (and she'll be confirmed) or the Dems will be forced to skewer a woman (and risk looking like sexist obstructionists).

Goesh said...

If that is the game plan, Blogwalla, and Harriet is skewered, then in light of the Dems tacit endorsement of the cries of racism over hurriance Katrina, it would be a prime-time move to send Janice ' the hammer' Rogers Brown their way, a Black female former CA. SC Justice. Let them try to find the Devil's mark on her as she quotes from the Malleus Maleficarum, tit-for-tat, and let them have a filibuster if they dare.

Truly said...

Speaking of "crone"...

Someone should give Miers some makeup advice. I'm no Kevin Aucoin, but I find her use of eyeliner extremely distressing. Ladies, sometimes less is more.

vbspurs said...

And at 12:18 PM EDT, there are 17 Miers+cronyism posts on Google News.

Cronyism will become the Autumn season's "energising the base" catchphrase.


vbspurs said...

Someone should give Miers some makeup advice. I'm no Kevin Aucoin, but I find her use of eyeliner extremely distressing. Ladies, sometimes less is more.

And if we're doling out Queer Eye suggestions, may I likewise suggest to Harriet Miers:

Less is more with the baubles, American flag pins, hanging gold chains, and cameos on your person.

She looked like the Queen, sans shiny, plastic black handbag.

P.S.: And for such a nattily dressed President, I do believe Dubya only has one Prussian blue tie. He wears this one all the time.


EddieP said...

Ann, this is a funny thread. She was just nominated this morning and already we are hearing such dreadful comments as Croney, her eye liner is unacceptable, what about that plastic handbag, and those baubles and the American Flag and CAMEOS!

Sounds like Professor Harold Hill talking about River City. "Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for POOL!"