October 9, 2005

"I had been raised to believe that enforced celibacy was a misguided practice, an artifact of medieval papal politics..."

"...and yet here were men who rejoiced in it." The son of a priest and a nun contemplates becoming a monk.


PatCA said...

Many of us 'cultural' Catholics who fell away from the religion of our birth did so because of the politics of Vatican II. One day you could go to hell for eating a hamburger on Friday--the next day, free pass. The ritual of worship, tho, was wonderful. My friends and I just reminisced how we used to volunteer to sing funerals because the music touched our young hearts so deeply. One friend said of her four sons, two have gone into the priesthood. She worried about their loneliness until the ordination mass, and was overwhelmed by the love and warmth and community. This generation doesn't have the baggage, so they make different choices.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

The swath of destruction which was Vatican II coupled with Boomerism is ending in orders of nuns who are angry, embittered and habitless and have no postulants. New orders of sisters, and robust, orthodox young men are filling up the rosters of the ordained in faithful dioceses across the U.S. and around the world.

See: http://www.sistersofmary.org/sitefs.shtml

Tony said...

Ceilbacy has never been "enforced". You know at the onset, that if you want to be a priest or nun, you would be giving up marriage and children.

I love this attitude that the Vatican is forcing young men to be celibate. If you don't want to be celibate, don't become a priest.