October 18, 2005

The hair is "even more strange in person."

The terrific photoblogger Rick Lee is bringing us pictures from NYC this week, and he managed to catch Donald Trump.


Tomás said...

Mrs. Althouse,
Been reading yr blog for some time now, and see you enjoy photographs. Blv this might be of interest to you; I found them very interesting. Got the link from Der Spiegel magazine.
Tomás Insausti


knox said...

perhaps this is obvious to others, but I've always wondered, is that a rug or an ornate comb-over?

Rick Lee said...

It's my opinion that there's no way a rug could look that goofy. It has to be a comb-over. Notice how far down on the side the part is. The hair looked a lot more blonde in person than it did on TV. I have no idea why that would be the case.