October 29, 2005

"The growing Supreme Court buzz around Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is reaching highly suspect, Clement-ine proportions."

Underneath Their Robes is not going to be fooled again. The trick is to fill in the blank: Edith Brown Clement is to John Roberts as Samuel Alito is to ________. Guessing he fits the blank, some folks are out to pre-emptively tar Michael Luttig. One swipe is that he only went to a state law school: Virginia.


Troy said...

State school? Good Lord! I hear he watches South Park and likes The Apprentice. Philistine.

SippicanCottage said...

news in 1950- what happened
news in 1960- what's going to happen
news in 1970- what should have happened
news in 1980- what didn't happen
news in 1990- the legacy of what would have happened if what didn't happen happened
news in 2000-who's to blame for the future end result of a concatenation of imaginary memes and urban myths

news at my house: Miers withdrew. No one is nominated to replace her. No one speculating has access to the information used by the president and staff to determine suitability of candidates.


Jimmy said...
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Unknown said...

Is it true that Luttig graduated in the bottom half of his class at law school? That's rather lame for a Supreme Court Justice, don't you think?

It certainly doesn't disqualify him though.

Beth said...

"Only" Virginia? BWAHAHAHAHA!

What a bunch of cluetards! Obviously, those using that as an argument against Luttig are totally out of their element, and honestly ought to just shut up and let others do the talking!

Unknown said...

Alito went to Yale, a much better school.

Luttig's father was killed in a carjacking, and the killer was executed. Who thinks Luttig is going to be impartial in any future death penalty case?

Not that I care - I favor the death penalty, but I do think a Justice should be impartial.

But does anyone really think that Bush is looking for an impartial judge?

Alito appears to have more of an independent streak.

Expect Luttig to be chosen

john(classic) said...

Kosinski. Alito is the stalking horse for Kosinski.

I think it great that two justices with a strong libertarian streak, Brown and Alito are on the moderately short list and appendix Z to the long list,respectively.

If one is an originalist (I am not, more sort of a "flexible textualist") libertarians are the closest thing we have to the highly sceptical populists (ok, mob) of 1789 that were so much a part of the Constitution's creation -- or at least the inclusion of the first ten amendments.

We need them for balance.

Wade Garrett said...

Is anybody seriously arguing that Luttig should be disqualified because he went to a state law school? If you go by rankings, the University of Virginia law school is ranked higher than all but five or six law schools in the country. Anybody who questions this can take it up with either Ted Kennedy, who is a graduate, or Antonin Scalia, who is a former faculty member!

I don't know where Luttig graduated in his class, but I would imagine he was very high indeed, if he clerked for the Supreme Court.