October 16, 2005


Looking for fall foliage in the Madison area? Here's last year's post with lots of suggestions! I'm going to follow one of them, and, with luck, will be back with some photos. Actually, I think it's really hard to photograph fall foliage. It's already pretty, and what can you add, what can you say about it by making it into a picture? I will only post photos if I think I've answered that question, so wish me luck.


EddieP said...

Ann, what you can add is sharing the photos with those of us who don't have the same brilliance to admire. Here in Georgia, we have some nice splotches of color, but basically oak trees go from green to brown, the pines seem to just turn a darker green and the hardwoods sort of turn yellowish and we lack the absolute glory of trees in the north and parts of the west. We have nothing like the maples of Vermont or the Aspens of Colorado. So do it for us deprived folks! Regards

KS said...

Here's a link to a site that has "Leaf Peeping Apparel". Take a look.