October 21, 2005

First Butch, and now Porky.

Another Little Rascal has died. Porky, Gordon Lee, was 71.
He and Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas teamed up against older boys Spanky and Alfalfa in many of the comedies. The Porky character is credited with originating the catchphrase "otay."

In the interview, Lee recalled a warm friendship with his black costar when they were kids and praised their interracial relationship on screen, saying, "Buckwheat played an absolute equal part in the Gang."

Lee told friends his career ended when a growth spurt made him thinner. "They wanted Porky to be a chunky fellow, so they looked for someone else," [his partner, Janice] McClain said.

As an adult, Porky was a schoolteacher.


Brendan said...

Mrs. Crabtree was hot. Her desk must have been full of apples.

vbspurs said...

Remember when Spanky, Darla and Alfafa all dressed up in white-tie-and tails and evening dress, in that hilarious dream sequence?

Yeah. Neither do I.

RIP Porky.


SippicanCottage said...
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Paul said...

Eat up now, Porky, you're free.

Think of what the kids had to do, without doubles and...I wonder what they got paid?
A great comedy although Alfalfa's singing still haunts me. I had a thing for Miss Crabtree too.
And I remember that dream sequence like it was yesterday. Heh