October 10, 2005

Do professors understand blogging?

No, they do not.

MORE: Actually, I should say that I think some of the mistakes were sophisticated. On seeing Tonya's spoof blog in the guise of Bill, "Kelvin" thought: "Wow! Bill's really out there, but I guess that's a good thing." "Carolyn" thought it was satirical but that Bill himself was doing the satire. That's not really dumb. I mean, I could imagine starting a blog that looks like it's someone else pretending to be me. You might develop some fine humor ideas in that mode. Who knows how to ridicule you better than you yourself? And you never have to worry about yourself taking it the wrong way and getting steamed.


Mark Kaplan said...

That's a great post at Tonya. There is something about the internet that brings out the gullibiilty in normally smart people. During the past 12 months we've had at least two great examples: "Bush is bringing back the draft" and "cell phone numbers are being released next week to telemarketers."

bearing said...

Too funny!

Have you seen the Pope's blog yet?

Ken Begg said...

Years and years ago I wrote a little booklet (back in the days when you distributed photocopy copies) reviewing horror movies for that year's Halloween viewing.
I eventually posted it years later (still a long time ago) on my bad movie website.

As a joke, it included an obviously impossible 'real history' of the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon shown on CBS every year:


When I posted it, I was amazed to get mail from people wondering if it were real. I mean, the content I describe would be impossible for a '60s-era network TV broadcast. Yet every year around this time I generally still get a letter or two demanding to know if it's factual, or if I'm a big fat jerk wasting their time with a (patently obvious, to me at least) joke.

For the record...it's the latter.

Freeman Hunt said...

That was hilarious.

That said, I tend to assume things are satire. I thought that this was satire:


Now I'm not sure. Laughable either way, I guess.