October 21, 2005

"Could it be these guys are winging it?"

Dennis the Peasant tells us what he really thinks about Pajamas Media.


Paul said...

I do like a person who speaks their mind. The question is who, if anyone has replaced him to carry on his part of the vision and what Pajamas Media has to say, if anything.
No one is indispensable, though he may have gotten a raw deal, businesses can and do go on. I doubt he'll be the last to be harmed this way. As he said, if they make any money, see you in court.

amba said...

Speak truth to power, Dennis!

(bkwcjn . . . Polish for "sneeze")

Anonymous said...

Oh man that's rich. DTP has been part and parcel of the Simon echo chamber since day one.

To quote Nelson Muntz, "Ha Ha!"

DennisThePeasant said...


The irony of it wasn't lost on me, either.