October 11, 2005


Hugh Hewitt calls my mellowing-on-Miers post "important," and Cyber Bob reviews my podcast #9 ("She sounds like she been through some very hard times, and this hidden emotion in her voice keeps me listening"), but I've got to extract myself from these fascinating matters and get ready for my 11:00 Religion and the Constitution class and a lunchtime talk to the Dane County Bar Association.


Lars said...

John Fund says six or seven "surprises" are coming down the road for Miers in the next few weeks. Hmmmm.


chuck b. said...

WOW--you sound sooo much more New Jersey than I would have guessed.

I remember you're from there (right?)--it's weird what one remembers reading blogs. I read Althouse irregularly. And this is my first podcast.

Anyhoo...the New Jersey's really coming through for me! :)

I'm not reading any "hidden emotion" tho'.

"Scalia IS the box". I like that.
I think Roberts will drift left, but I think Miers would go with the flow.

Roe v. Wade... would any Republican politician really like to see R v W overturned? Is that *really* in their interest? I don't think very many Republicans would say that it is. That's a lot of future income out the window for them. People ignore a lot of crazy incentives that've built up all around Roe in the last few decades.

whit said...

I would like to know more about Religion and the Constitution. (And no, I can't go to Madison and pay for it.)

Ann Althouse said...

Whit: It's a study of the meaning of the religion clauses: Free Exercise and Establishment. I cover new cases on the subject on this blog.