October 6, 2005

Audible Althouse, Episode 9.

It's time for another podcast.


reader_iam said...

Thanks, Ann! I think I spot a fast-becoming-a-habit trend, at least for me.

BTW, regarding last week's discussion on blogspot's word verification feature, I've never had a problem discerning letters for font reasons (then again, I'm not MS dependent). On the other hand, I have noticed that the number of letters represented seem to increase as you re-enter posting mode.
That is to say, on first entry to post, it's usually just 4 characters; as/if you add more posts within a particular Internet session (meaning, you have not quit the browser function meanwhile within a particular day, in which case it appears to start over) the number of characters you are required to enter increases. For example, it's up to eight tonight for me, but started at the standard four this morning.

This is not a new revelation. I had noted this casually previous to last week, but after the discussion on your blog, paid a bit more attention as far as what I personally was experiencing. This, a week later, is what I've consistently noted.

For what it's worth.

vbspurs said...

Argh. I'm still in Audible Althouse #5. :(

And I'm too anal to skip ahead. I believe life is best appreciated sequentially.

How's that for a pompous phrase?


Paul said...

Ann, haven't you ever watched PBS's Nature, or Nat'l Geo. channel? The mighty Python kills his victims before swallowing and always begins eating at their head, so they can't bite or scratch.
No, this isn't the only thing I got from the podcast, the Miers discussion is really good. I'm one of those non-legal, non-educated people that want this, someone who has what we called, or called, common sense first, legal training next but both, if we can get them. I'm not convinced she has either, and as mentioned on another post I think she, or someone like her, is part of a deal.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Hey, Victoria--
Skip ahead to #8 at about the 45 minute mark. Lady Althouse is hilariously catty about her blog-ignorant colleagues.

Then, of course, resume your 'sequential-and-anal' review.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Professor Althouse:
Were you podcasting in December 1969? When can we hear that one??