October 26, 2005

Audible Althouse, #15.

Here's the new episode. I went over an hour this time. Just a tad though. Topics discussed: what your car says about you, guy cars and chick cars, Jimi Hendrix singing "All Along the Watchtower," Edie Brickell singing "What I Am," dreary women in the news (Valerie Plame, Cindy Sheehan, Harriet Miers), impressive women dead and alive (Rosa Parks and Condoleezza Rice), great and not so great films (especially "Nashville"), Steve Colbert, Al Franken, Howard Stern, three rather bad artists, and the importance of having a high energy Monday. Key digressions: insect repellent (and the "they don't bite, they don't even light" commercial) and the whole issue of whether "life is but a joke."

Don't forget: Audible Althouse has been nominated for a BOB! That ought to make you listen to the podcast with new ears.

Vote for Audible Althouse!

And, once again, let me thank the wonderful John Althouse Cohen and Brit Rice for recording the incredibly cool theme music!


Paul said...

I was over there again and for the life of me how can someone be ahead of you. It has to be you're new and those voters have not heard you yet. Good Luck, Ann, I'm off to download # 15.

Lawrence said...

Woo hoo! - more podcasty goodness. With this on my iPod my commute tomorrow will be much more enjoyable.

My vote is in - regardless of the outcome, your blog should get a special mention for the original theme song. Good luck.

Alexandra said...

My vote is in.
I don't understand though why they are mixing languages in the list. Of course the Spanish site was right up there! They have to segregate in the same way as the rest of the categories.

Be that as it may, I love and very much look forward to what has become known in my hosehold as do not disturb me 'Althouse Podcasting Moments': fluffy slippers on, feet up, hot cuppa in hand, view fixed through an open window with the soft breeze stroking my face...iPod in hand, earphones on...

My husband is extremely jealous by the way. He started to communicate with me via long podcasts when I started my blog, as this seemed to be the only way for him to get to relay any of his extremely 'important ponderings'. I have not managed to get to a single one thus far...I am in serious trouble. LOL!

vbspurs said...

Still don't have net access, Ann, or indeed, cable...but the moment I do, I will vote like a dead Chicagoan during Mayor Daley1's reign, you'll see if I won't! ;)


Lawrence said...

I also believe the prevailing sentiment of the time was "vote early and vote often".

Nice to see you Victoria.

Kathy Smith said...
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Anita Case said...
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