October 23, 2005

Audible Althouse, #14.

Another podcast about the odd last few days on a blog called Althouse. Beginning with the gene for black urine, we flow into the subject of books, prison, retreats, coddling toddlers by dressing up like The Beatles, how buying a minivan affects men and how it affects women, attacking a carjacker with a cup of coffee and a car door, The Doors, opposing Harriet Miers, underwear parties, boko-maru, witch-hunting, and that 5-year-old boy who put the image of Jesus on the poster about environmentalism to his teacher's dismay. 48 minutes, 36 seconds of podcasty goodness.


vbspurs said...

I'll listen ASAP, Ann.

Now, if you want, for your next Audible Althouse, I can record Hurricane Wilma for you, so you can psych out your listeners and p'rhaps your squirrels.

And yes, we in Florida are just about to batten down our hatches, so if you see me disappear from your blog, you'll know why.

Send help if I don't pop up after 4 days. Look for the flares and Ginger and Marianne's coconuts.


Ann Althouse said...

Be careful! I forgot you were in Florida. I've been picturing you in England.

Meade said...

"podcasty goodness"

tasty and good for us?

Oooo... did someone say Marianne?

Paul said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but I've come to look upon your podcasts as a cross between reading a book and a social visit. However, since you are not there, I lean back and close my eyes, the better to concentrate, but like a good book, the podcast sometimes has the same effect and when I wake, hope to find the page where I left off.
It's a compliment, actually. And I don't suppose it's proper to say the laugh on the podcast is infectious, so I won't.
You should blog us what you told your son to make him cry in church, ya think?

Ann Althouse said...

Paul: I said that the man puts his penis inside the woman, and it made him think the man did not get his penis back!

Paul said...

That's so funny! I mean, if you know it's not true....but if you don't......
Poor kid.