October 19, 2005

Audible Althouse, #13.

A nice juicy podcast -- 58 minutes! -- about chocolate, music that samples an Althouse lecture, aesthetic autonomy, not reading too many novels, an electric toothbrush, shopping strategies, a dead skunk, "The Colbert Report," "Extras," "South Park," what position a baby should sleep in, setting the thermostat (and your virtue), the disappearance of Cindy Sheehan, why I'm annoyed at Democrats, Bush, and Robert Bork about Harriet Miers, what Jesus might think about affirmative action, and how rather nice the weather has been lately, here in Madison, Wisconsin.


Meade said...

As soon as I saw the words - Audible Althouse - my mind began singing the tune ... it's a podcast.

Am I going mental?

Alice H said...

Since there's no way I will ever have the time to listen to a 58-minute podcast, why don't you fill me in on where to listen to the music that samples your lecture?

Ron said...

So can I officially claim the title of Old Commenter? I like your theme music; it's already comfortable to hear at the beginning and end like how Huntley and Brinkley used to use Beethoven...

Yikes, maybe I AM the Old Commenter!


Paul said...

I really do enjoy you're podcasts! Like you stopped by to say hello.
I think it's not so much what you bought in Target as the price being charged today. It does not take long to rack up $272.00 and you leave with a bag. One simple, average bag.
I also, if I heard you right, enjoy what I enjoy, not what others feel is the norm of society.
Wine is a good subject, I enjoy a glass of wine, I am not a wine expert and choose not to be, it doesn't interest me. Perhaps I pay for it in drinking something substandard but if I like it, so?
So many subjects, so enjoyable, can't comment on them all. I look forward to each podcast. Thank you.