October 25, 2005

Althouse commenters affected by hurricanes.

Readers have noted the return of our regular commenter Elizabeth, who was ousted by Katrina. At the same time, we've lost touch with Victoria, who is fine, but among the 6 million Floridians for whom Wilma turned out the lights.

IN THE COMMENTS: Victoria checks in, is cheered by this post, and gives us this link to her new post with lots of good post-Wilma photos and descriptions.


LiquidLifeHacker said...

I pray all those in the path of the hurricanes. Bless their hearts!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the blog link to Victoria's updates, Anne. It was good to see her standard form on display, sharp and very reassuring. Those who are praying, consider praying for cooling temperatures and lots of bottled water available.

vbspurs said...

Wow, I can't tell you what a boost to my spirits finding this blogpost of yours was, Ann.

I'm logging in from the only computer lab for miles -- which is located at my University's main campus.

They share a power grid with a hospital, so I suppose they get priority in crises. The $30,000 plus fees can't hurt either.

Right now, we're under a curfew (which starts at 8 PM EDT), and so I'll be scooting out soon.

(Thank God for our extremely competent mayor, Carlos Alvarez, and for Jeb Bush, who is such a hands-on Gov, and who rode out the storm with us, unlike you know who...)

Alas, there's also no petrol to be found ANYWHERE, neither for love nor lots and lots of money.

It's to do with the power outtage, as the pumps are all electric these days.

What we wouldn't give for those old-fashioned Conoco pumps now!

I've updated the blog with more comments and pics, post-storm, below:

Safe as Houses

And also many hugs to my fellow Floridian, Elizabeth, who I didn't realise was also affected.

Hang in there, m'dear! We're in this together.

See you when I can log on guys, and yes, I agree, this blog has the best commenters, ANYWHERE. :)

Mind you, it starts with the blog owner, doesn't it...


vbspurs said...

Safe as Houses

Oops, sorry, wrong link!

reader_iam said...

Ann, thanks.

(Is this my least-wordy post ever?)