September 18, 2005

A weekend jaunt.

Meanwhile, Nina and the other bloggers are in NYC for the weekend. Would you spend Friday and Sunday flying, with only one full day, Saturday, in NY? I love NYC, but not that much!


leeontheroad said...

They chose lousy weather; but I suppose if they had advance tickets,, they didn't have much choice.

Ron said...

Hell, I'd do it! If you set yourself up just so, a Saturday in Manhattan, even with the two days of flying, is better than the many weekends I've spent going in the same old circles.

All ticket and hotel offers gleefully accepted.

nina said...

Warm but no rain.

We missed Ann, but otherwise it was wonderful. New York is especially good for people who live in towns with a pop of under half a million. Yes, Madison has a pop of less than half a million.