September 13, 2005

Two doodles.

These are recent. I was listening to something specific while doing each of these. Any guesses what?

The first one is not a picture of anything I was looking at. I was listening to someone else speak. I will leave it to you to say what I was thinking or feeling. Note the hatch marks at the top.


This one was a phone call. I was drawing while listening and while speaking. It's easy to guess the general topic, of course.



SippicanCottage said...

After seeing your doodles, I can only advise you to cut the tags out of your clothes, drench yourself, stop talking, and get a good long rest.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a wild stab. The first looks like a caricature of Diane Feinstein. I didn't get a chance to hear her questioning yet but the hash marks I would suspect refer either to the number of subjects she covered in her questioning period or, more likely, the number of times she tried to get Roberts to commit on abortion.

The second looks like you were talking about the O'Connor vacancy. I'm not sure about the numbers except that the '4's probably refer to the balance of the court.

Hecla Ma said...

John Cardinal O' Connor? ;-)

niceandfine said...

The first one reminded me a bit like Condi.

miklos rosza said...

A moment of audio nostalgia for Sinead O'Connor, who had one and a half good albums then completely lost it. The numbers refer to the best songs and what order one might put them in to assemble one's own greatest hits. Should "Nothing Compares 2 U" come on right away or later on.

Sally said...

I love doodles, and doodles were huge in my very post modernist art school while I was attending. Everyone would always say things about "exalted doodles" and "i'm trying to capture the process of writing and doodling".

Your first doodle conveys skeptisism and the lines at the top convey counting as if you were acting very much the Libra (I know how you hate astrology) and were weighing and measuring things.

Your second doodle conveys your admiration of Sandra Day O'Connor. The very feminine vaginal doodle in the left hand corner overtly displays your affinity for Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" and that you think O'Connor should be a guest at this dinner party, with her own vaginal plate.

Monty Loree said...

The first one is a telemarker. You're conveying anger by making the cheeks bright red.

The four marks at the top are the amount of times you said NO!!

The second picture.
You're ultimate goal is to get the person to say YES.

You're obviously calculating the ratios of what you're willing to offer to get to the yes... started at a 3 to 1 ratio.
Then you got to a 4 to 1 ratio.

While you were doing this, you were listening to Sinead O'Connor.

These pictures are obviously loaded questions just waiting to be talked about.

Rod Renegade said...

I like the top one. Imagine what it would be like to be Piccaso or Chuck Jones... You're on the phone at a coffee bar. You absent mindedly doodle on a napkin and 20 years or after your dead it's on antiques road show or up for auction.

Mark Daniels said...

Okay, I'm game. I see that several commenters have taken "recent" to mean very recent. They could be right.

I thought that the first doodle was of Michael Jackson, sketched as you awaited the jury's decision in his recent case. The marks I took to be a record of your toting the charges as they were disposed. I thought that by the fifth count, you just ran out of steam or you were either interrupted or so certain of the direction of things that you gave up that little project.

I was interested in seeing the speculations on what was in the top left corner of the second page. To me, that simply looks like classic, wasting time doodling. I think that you were engaged in conversation about Justice O'Connor. The numbers mystify me--he said, as though he actually knew what he was talking about. I thought at first they might have something to do with projections about the configuration of the court without O'Connor. The 4-1-4 also seemed to suggest the seating arrangement, with the Chief Justice at the physical center, while the Court is in session. The other numbers seemed, at first, to address potential coalitions on the Court.

But I couldn't decide if any of this were true because I never concluded whether the II represented more hatchmarks, representing 1, or if it was 11. And unless the figures were about a Roosevelt-packed Court, they didn't add up either. But this is my best speculation.

Now, I'm off to start my day.

Ann Althouse said...

Recent means within the last few days. The bottom picture was done during a phone call with a journalist about the changes in the Supreme Court. The numbers at the bottom go with speculation about what the new balance on the Court would be. The one between the fours represents Anthony Kennedy.

The top picture isn't of any particular person. It represents my mental state as I was listening to someone speak. I won't say who that was, in case my mental state appears too... I don't know... angry? There actually wasn't anything to be angry about! Other than being stuck having to listen to something.

Goesh said...

The doodle of the woman was a colleague that called you when you were preoccupied with the confirmation hearings. She prattled and whined about school issues, much to your annoyance. The second doodlings are your secret wish to be on the bench yourself and have people grovel at your feet.

Mark Daniels said...

Okay, I don't feel too badly. I feel that I got the second one right, even on the numbers.

But, employing a baseball analogy, I whiffed, or struck out, on the first one completely.

AST said...

This is an inkblot test. I can't decipher what caused you to draw them, but I know what the first makes me think of: Maureen Dowd.

I was way off on the second, I thought it would be about Southern female authors. I should have known that I was wrong when none of the names Mitchell, Porter, Welty, Flagg or Walker was there.

Jamesmatthew said...
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