September 2, 2005

To Loyola and Tulane lawprofs.

Here's a message from the UW Dean's office:
If you know of anyone on the faculty at Loyola or Tulane law schools who would like a place to settle temporarily, the Dean's Office at UW-Madison law school will welcome them here and provide some kind of non-paying visitor/fellow status that will entitle them to access to UW libraries and such. We'll scout for office space in the building (probably squatting in rarely used or shared offices) and make every effort to match them up to folks on our faculty with a guest room. Let them know we are here to help, if they need it. Inquiries can be directed to:

R. Alta Charo, racharo (at) wisc (dot) edu
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
University of Wisconsin Law School
5211C Law Building, 975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706

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Simon Kenton said...

The University of Colorado absorbed 50 or 60 Tulane students yesterday. We registered a spare room with the housing office, since it seems they may not be able to match up all the flooded kids with standard housing. If your university, med school, or law school is also taking people in, you may want to investigate with the housing office whether they need your extra space too. A particular concern is foreign students, many of whom will have unofficially disappeared from the immigration tracking screens, and may, so to speak, need your expertise to reappear.

You old gray dudes! Just when you thought you'd sent your last kid through school...