September 24, 2005


Tung Yin watches all three new alien invasion TV shows. They all sound really bad. Though maybe if you get really excited about fractals, you'd like "Threshold."


Tung Yin said...

Well, I watch*ed* all three premieres. I doubt I'll be watch*ing* all three henceforth.

APF said...

Fractals or no, Threshold was awful. Why did I sit through two hours of that thing? I must have been really bored? I think I was working at the time and needed to relax my brain.

Mission Accomplished.

PatCA said...

As soon as Lost and Medium deservedly became hits, they spawned a flock of pale imitations.

May I should Tivo Medium to watch it during the daytime. It's adult-level spooky sometimes.

vbspurs said...

A friend of mine is addicted to the Friday nights, Battlestar Galactica, on Sci-Fi.

Everywhere I turn, people are speaking about that show, and one called Serenity.

Sometimes, it really sucks not being in the loop with stuff like this. :-/

OTOH, yesterday I watched SuperNanny.

Next time someone engages me about television chatter, I'll whipping SuperNanny out.

That'll wow them.


PatCA said...

Serenity is coming out as a feature and bloggers have been invited to the press screening. I'll be there...I'm not really a Sci-fi fan but the DVD episode I watched was pretty interesting. (And a press screening might be fun.)

Jeremy said...

The Shaun Cassidy one, Invasion, isn't bad.

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, now I know Jeremy is Jeremy! But is Shaun Cassidy Shaun Cassidy.

XWL said...

That's what IMDB is for, seems as if Shaun Cassidy (of the Hardy Boys, and Tigerbeat posters) has been writing and creating shows for TV for much of the 90s (though no hits yet, and I don't think his string will be broken with Invasion)
(oops, he's an EP on Cold Case which by current standards could be considered successful, if not a hit, I'll leave me previous snarky parenthetical statement just cause I'm so proud of myself).

Wasteland Fan said...

Threshold is much better than Medium. But, that may be like me saying I'm much skinnier than Jabba the Hutt. There's not much pride in triumph by comparison.

Nevertheless, I thought the pilot was mildly entertaining. I'm a bit concerned that it will turn into a "freak of the week" format, which will cause me to lose interest pretty quickly.

I was tired and lost interest in Invasion 3/4 of the way through the pilot. Of course, Invasion is both helped and hurt by Lost. It is helped because it gets Lost's substantial lead-in audience. It is hurt, because it pales in comparison, as do each of these three shows and most of the rest of the shows on TV for that matter.

Even I couldn't stomach giving Surface a shot. And I blog about TV.

Ann, on your podcast you said you don't really follow any current shows. I'd like to help you out. Given that you're clearly not interested in Lost and Desperate Housewives (or, I assume you'd have tuned in last year when they captured so much deserved attention), let me suggest Nip/Tuck. It's edgy and interesting. The acting is top notch. Assuming you're not into scifi, you don't have to worry about that with Nip/Tuck. It's currently in its third season on FX, so there's a bit of show folklore to catch up on, but it's not inaccessable. (You could catch up by renting the DVDs from the first two seasons as well.) If you're interested, though, you'll have to hurry and catch a rebroadcast of last week's season premiere. FX runs them relatively frequently. The second episode of the season airs on Tuesday night at 10 eastern.

No, I'm not affiliated in any way with Nip/Tuck. I was just mortified that Ann said on her recent podcast that Martha Stewart's Apprentice was going to be the one show she tried to follow this year. Please, Ann, give something -- anythinig -- else a chance.

(Oh, by the way, I recall that you said you were looking forward to Curb Your Enthusiasm starting this Sunday as well. A fine choice. Will you be sticking around to watch Ricky Gervais's new show Extras which follows Curb on HBO?)

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