September 25, 2005

Strange Google search...

That brought someone here.

UPDATE: And then there's this.


Ron said...

Somehow someone in Germany found my blog via the phrase "strongest cigarettes" in German Google.

I never mention cigarettes!

Bruce Hayden said...

I love the fact that, at least in my browser, everything is aligned right, not left, as we are used to. This was not the usual that we are used to seeing but rather,, and the .sa TLD is sponsered by:

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
P.O. Box 6086
Riyadh 11442
Saudi Arabia

Bruce Hayden said...

Let me also point out the interesting mingling of English and what appears to be (and I am sure is) Arabic.

Eddie said...

I have noticed that people will find my blog via the comments on my page. I had someone once post a rap tune in my comments section and someone found it via a search on those words, though my old blog was about the stock market.

Freeman Hunt said...

Looking at that page reminded me of something I hated when I was studying Arabic: tiny fonts! I'm sure that the letters are much easier to read as a native speaker/reader, but some of the little fonts Arabic publications use are killer for the student--especially for students with bad eyesight like me.