September 1, 2005

Stamps, Acme products.

Here's a set of stamps that were exchanged at an illustrators' conference. Each stamp is like a business card for an artist. I found that via Drawn!, the illustration blog. Also found through Drawn!: all the Acme products the Coyote ever used.


Alice H said...

It's fititng that it's hosted by RoadRunner...

Mary said...

"Your babies are safe with us, call on ACME BABY SITTING SERVICE for all your child care needs.
Our motto is 'Our sitters don't lay down on the job' and our union slogan is 'United we sit'
~(Mgr. I. Squeel)"

Pastor_Jeff said...


Thanks for the link. It brought needed laughs and happy memories when much of the news is sad and depressing.

Acme Iron Carrot - "Fool your friends!"

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