September 4, 2005


I'll be on Wisconsin Public Radio with Joy Cardin, from 7 to 8 tomorrow morning, talking about Chief Justice Rehnquist and the new vacancy on the Court. On all the "Ideas Network" stations.

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ziemer said...

be careful what you say, hon.

i used to be a regular on wpr.

until the roggensack/brunner/higginbotham primary.

i dared to contradict the other two commentators and say that there was absolutely nothing in her backgournd to suggest that roggensack was an ultra-right right wing extremist.

i pointed out how none of her decisions had ever been overturned, and how frequently her dissents had often ultimately been adopted by a majority of the supreme court.

prior to that, i used to comment on wpr about once a month.

wpr hasn't called me for commentar since.

beware, ann.

wpr does not tolerate tolerance.