September 29, 2005

Podcast time!

Time for the big podcast! Podcast #7, full of talk about bras and Right Wing Bob Dylan... and all my trials as I am dogged by lefty bloggers and commenters who think I've misdefined "right wing" and outrageously accused lefties of being irresponsible. The squid is there too and the sandcastles and John Roberts and the meat slurry and Anna Nicole Smith and, yeah, even Justice Scalia. You don't want to miss this podcast. This is by far the longest one -- over 53 minutes of rich podcasty goodness!


Meade said...

Okay, but I really don't see how you can top the last one which had that delightful a-capella recitation from Up On Cripple Creek.

(Hey! got through the word verification nazi on the first try!)

Ann Althouse said...

Wait'll you hear my "My Back Pages" recitation.

Meade said...

Le'me guess: something about you were so much like pete seeger then, you're no longer like that now.

(that's twice in a row i beat the word nazi!)

Link said...

podcasts have been good so far...

ever think about vlogging?

Rick Lee said...

Needing to find a replacement for the lameness that is talk-radio these days, I tried listening to podcasts in the car a few months ago... but I found it very difficult to find stuff I really cared to listen to. I'm really enjoying Audible Althouse as well as the Slate article podcasts. Downloading both of those every week really gives me a LOT of good stuff to fill the time I spend in the car going to my far-flung photo locations. Thanks and keep it up.

Eli Blake said...

On the issue of Bob Dylan and the discussion you had on the thread entitled, The Althouse comments persona over team players and the Beatles:

(RECAP: the poster, Jim at 9:00 AM, made the case that if artists were inherently right wing, then 'team players' were equally inherently left wing, and cited the Beatles. Ann pointed out at 9:34 (correctly) that Lennon and McCartney were not team players at all, they each had an ego the size of a double decker bus and so could not be used as a counterexample).

So be it. But the poster's original point was valid, and the true team player on the Beatles was neither of those two, but was probably the best pure artist of the group: George Harrison. A man who could literally make a guitar weep, and who spent literally years traveling to all corners of the earth in order to perfect his craft. Yet a man who was content to provide the unique sounds that the others put their voices to in order to get all the credit.

Hamsun56 said...


I enjoyed your exegesis of "My Back Pages" on your podcast and listening to you explain part of what you like about Dylan. I'm fascinated in the how and why of the impact that Dylan has made on a wide range of different people.

BTW, could the line about "Romatic facts of musketeers" refer to the romantic legends of previous revolutionaries - many a young male has fantasized about joining a gang of comrades, like the Three Musketeers, to fight virtous battles against evil. Hasn't this been part of the romantic allure that the left has to the young?

XWL said...

At the very end of this audible Althouse I found your plaint about politics and your personal disdain for the political realm interesting.

Are politics and law separable?

If you love the law, don't you love politics to some degree?

(or can you focus on a narrow enough aspect of the law that questions of politics are so deeply submerged as to be irrelavent)

Questions that don't have to be answered, but I feel compelled to ask. (oh, no I've become Chuck Shumer! He was his usual charmless self on the Daily Show tonight)

(and after your comments about not getting too wrapped up in answering every question thrown out there I find letting these questions sit here unanswered perfectly acceptable (not that I have a choice))

(and as a further aside, anyone else willing to answer these questions feel free; my own answer is that I'm not enamored with either law or politics but I expect both to work well and they are best when they are least)