September 6, 2005

NYT headline switch.

In the paper paper, it's "A Fox TV Station Refuses to Broadcast a Candidate's Ad That Ridicules the President." On the web, it's "Channel 5 Rejects Anti-Bush Ad of Borough President Candidate."

I read the paper version first and looked for it on line so I could blog about, among other things, the overdone political tone of the headline.
A local television station, WNYW/Channel 5, is refusing to run a provocative advertisement promoting a Democratic candidate for Manhattan borough president. And the campaign of the candidate, Brian Ellner, is charging that the station is doing so because the spot takes a swipe at President Bush.

Brian Ellner, right, a candidate for Manhattan borough president, introduced his partner at the end of his commercial.

The 30-second ad features Mr. Bush's face superimposed upon a middle-aged man's naked torso as Mr. Ellner says of the president that "the emperor has no clothes." Mr. Ellner also introduces his partner, Simon Holloway, in the spot - which the campaign says is the first time in city history that a gay candidate has introduced his or her partner in a campaign commercial.

So, did the station reject the ad because Ellner makes a show of being gay, because it ridicules Bush, because it shows a naked torso, because it shows a naked, middle-aged torso, because it puts a real person's face on someone else's naked torso, because that real person is Bush, or because it combines a gay theme and the depiction of Bush naked?
Mr. Ellner said in an interview yesterday that representatives of Channel 5, a Fox affiliate, had told his campaign that they would not show the advertisement because it was "in poor taste."

"It's pretty clear it's an anti-free speech decision because of our criticism of the president," Mr. Ellner said.

"It's untenable and in my view it's anti-American." He added that the rejection of the ad was "disrespectful to voters."
All Ellner needs to do to prove that is point to other ads that the station runs that are at the same level of taste or lower. If you don't have that, maybe you lack the judgment to be Mahattan borough president.


Charlie Martin said...

Is "really, really stupid" an option?

Randy said...

My guess: they thought superimposing someone else's face over a naked, middle-aged torso in poor taste. (BWDIK?)

This strikes me as more of a story about how a candidate who probably has limited campaign funds managed to to get free publicity. (And he's getting lots of it, too, isn't he?)

Wonder if he sent the ad to any other stations, or just the Fox

briz said...

I've seen this ad, so it is airing on some channels in NYC. And it is hilarious. Guy walking along in rolled up shirt sleeves, talking about New Yorkers telling you what they think and all that -- the tough New Yorker kind of thing. Then he stops in front of a brownstone with folks sitting on the stoop and slides his arm over some guy's shoulders and introduces us all to his partner. I burst out laughing the first time I saw it. I mean, really, who cares if he's gay? Like I'm going to vote for a borough President because he's gay. Or because he's single or married. I wish folks running for office would learn that their sexual orientation offers me absolutely no information as to whether or not they are qualified for the job. Same thing with some other candidate who proclaims to be pro-choice in his ads. Who cares if a borough president is pro-choice or pro-life? Not a factor for the job.

Eli Blake said...

It is interesting though that it is New York four years post 9/11 and people are getting votes by being anti-Bush. In contrast, no one in New York (including any of the mayoral candidates) has asked Bush to come and do an appearance for them, and some are even trying to tie their opponents to Bush.

Event Team said...

You are so right briz. I mean what crazy candidate would appear with their significant other? You'd never see Bush, or Gore, or Kerry, or Gifford Miller, or everyone of the straight NYC wannabe pols do the same thing. I mean, who cares if they are straight, like I'm going to vote for them because of that.

eli, I'm not sure what you are on about. New Yorkers hate Bush because he is the photo-op king and doesn't deliver, or did you miss what happened in the South last week? Did you also miss that PDB, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US"? Oh, and all these races are Democratic primaries, probably not going to be very pro any Republican for that.