September 21, 2005

Not So Lovely Rita.

Watching the new hurricane, hoping for the best.


Ron said...

Standing by,
A parking meter,
When I caught,
A glimpse of Rita


Sitting in the ocean with a sister
or two


Richard Fagin said...

I have been trying for two years, unsuccessfully, to get my wife to agree to move to Maine. With the very real prospect of our home getting flattened by Rita, perhaps she'll change her mind.

me said...

Derivative art from my brother Abe

Lovely Rita hurricane
Nothing can come between us
When it gets dark you'll blow my house away

Standing by a computer screener
When I caught a glimpse of Rita
A category three with small eye wall
A few hours later she had gotten much bigger
A category four with more definition
Made her look a little like Issac's storm

Lovely Rita hurricane
May I inquire discreetly
When make land will you tear the trees away?

She made land and wrecked the city
Broke the levee and left no pity
Told her I would not like to see her again
We took the hit and evacuated
She went inland and the floods invaded
Finally she's down to a category two

Lovely Rita hurricane
where would I be without you
give us a wink and make me think of you

Lovely hurricane
Rita hurricane
oh, Lovely Rita hurricane

Anna said...

If Rita floods New Orleans again, will it make them reconsider the idea of rebuilding there? Or is it a case of hurricanes got us twice in a month, what is the likelihood it will happen again?

Ron said...

So let me introduce to you
150 mile per hour wind sheers,
Sgt. FEMA's Clueless Federal Band

Ron said...

Re the Superdome:

They're fixing a hole where the rain gets in, and stops the folks from wandering.

where they will go...

Is it getting better all the time?