September 15, 2005

"Maybe the milk of human kindness will run through you and you will not be so technical.''

So said the Senator, claiming he was trying to "sensitize" the Supreme Court nominee who was perceived as lacking in human feeling. The Senator was Howard Metzenbaum and the nominee was Stephen Breyer.


Brendan said...

Ah, liberals. So convinced of their own moral superiority. These are the same "thoughtful" people who slash tires in Milwaukee, root for the insurgency in Iraq, throw pies in the faces of conservative speakers, and print t-shirts advocating physical harm against Bush. Forgive me for not heeding their snotty lectures.

Coco said...

Someone certainly seems convinced of his moral superiority and makes huge generalizations as well. I don't know a single liberal who has done any of those things but perhaps my liberal friends are too "limousine" to engage in any such activities.

"Milk of human kindness" is a great phrase a ridiculous sort of way.

Anna said...

Ah, yes, Metzenbaum. Well, now you know where Dennis Kucinich gets his ideas. (I have the distinct privilege of living in Ohio...home state for these idiots. And unfortunately, you can add our governor to that group despite his being a Republican.)

Scipio said...

It would have been nice if Breyer had said something like, "I will happily consume the milk of human kindness so long as I don't have to lap it off of your teat, Senator."

The look on Metzenbaum's face would have been priceless.