September 4, 2005


Check out the entries in the new logo contest at BlogAds. Man, it's hard to make a good logo! I'd just like to say that it is very clear that the word "blog" looks best in all lower case. The b and the g balance each other. Any entry with all caps or a capital B should be rejected, I'm thinking. And any entry that doesn't make a break of some kind between "blog" and "ads" is bad. You can't have people thinking "gad." Gad! That's bad.


ploopusgirl said...
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ploopusgirl said...

I like this one.

reader_iam said...

LOL--Grungy Battle #1 instantly made me think of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

I kind of prefer the ones in two lines, or the ribbons one.

Mom Underground said...

I thought the "Blog Soup" was clever, but probably a bit much for a logo. I wasn't too blown away by most of the entries. It seems the majority of them push "blog" and "ad" together ... or is it just me?

Anyhow, too much of the techy, modern, graffiti looks. Is this necessarily Blog Ad's image? If not, it's unfortunate the entrants are pigeonholing them with their entries.

peter hoh said...

A few of these can be misread as "Blo" "gads." That is a terrible combo.

The challenge is to avoid being too techy -- like an ibm logo -- and too trendy -- like the graffiti style. but some of these are nice and crisp.