September 28, 2005

It actually was "impossibly small."

The iPod Nano. Apple admits to the problem with the screen. But as to all the whining about scratching: deal with it. Why isn't my pristinely perfect possession pristinely perfect?


Slocum said...

But as to all the whining about scratching: deal with it.

Given that iPods are as much or more about fashion than function, asking people to ignore cosmetic blemishes is asking them to not to care about what is most important to them about the product.

the Rising Jurist said...

See, I like the scratches on mine. It looks battle-worn.

Steven said...

Well, Apple was utterly idiotic to put an uncoated polycarbonate screen on a product and then demo it as something you put in your pocket.

Yes, it's the same material as a regular iPod, but those were never advertised as a put-in-yout-pocket device; pockets are a highly abrasive environment, and items that go in them need better hardening. Adding a reasonable coating on the polycarbonate would have run cents per unit; avoiding encouraging people to put it in their pockets and instead giving a breif warning in the manual would have been even easier.

I'm not saying Apple should replace the Nanos, simply that it made a stupid decision from a PR point of view. With proper testing before introduction, they'd have noticed the scratching tendency and been able to avoid the PR problem.

Elizabeth said...

I won't whine, and I don't care if it gets a little scratched.

I was at the Apple store yesterday and since then, I keep thinking, "I want a Nano!" I want the black one. I can feel it in my shirt pocket, as small as two sticks of gum, as slick as a whistle.

I'm not in an acquisitive frame of mind these days; I'm living out of a suitcase, and trying to keep my job by teaching online. I'm not accumulating things, nor am I misusing the money I've gotten from sources of help. And I'm ashamed, yes, that I want a Nano. But I want it.

I have a 60 gb photo iPod. I love my iPod. And I STILL want a Nano. Just for the style, for the form, for the perfect smallness, which I find superior to the Shuffle and the Mini.

So that's my new goal. By Christmas, I hope to be back in my New Orleans home, working full-time, more appreciative of the simple virtues of being alive, of caring for my family and pets. And with a new Nano, filled with a careful selection of my favorite music, at Apple Lossless quality. And no whining at scratches on anything, ever.