September 1, 2005

Helping students from schools affected by Katrina.

From the University of Wisconsin-Madison:
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is taking steps to assist Wisconsin residents studying at colleges and universities closed by the catastrophic damage from Hurricane Katrina....

The university will attempt to accommodate students from institutions that have been officially closed by hurricane damage, should they want to study in Madison. The university will assist students in several sets of distinct circumstances.
Info at the link.


Beth said...

I'm seeing this at schools all over the country; it's fantastic.

University of New Orleans, my school, is trying to establish the semester off-site. They're restoring email today, and I expect I'll find out what I can do to help. I may be teaching my courses via Blackboard, or in another town in Louisiana.

One of the texts I'm teaching in a special topics lit course is Octavia Butler's "Parable of the Sower," set in a speculative, future Los Angeles where people live behind gates and dodge armed gangs roaming the streets looking for drugs and cars. Yikes.

goesh said...

Good work!

jodi said...

University of Virginia is doing this also.

Melanie said...

Ann, I thought that this comment would be appopriate given those who are likely to regularly read your blog:

The LSU Law School in Baton Rouge is opening its doors to law students from Tulane and Loyola for the fall semester. Tuition is being waived. Both common and civil law courses are being offered so that those students can continue to fulfill their graduation requirements. For those students, check this webpage for more information on admissions and available courses: