September 12, 2005

Google indignities.

You'd like the name of your institution to come up first in a Google search for its name, but how terrible it is for something embarrassing to dominate the whole first page. I really didn't mean to take the top spot on that one. Sorry, Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies.


Joan said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I did. A lot. Thanks for posting this, as I somehow missed the original.

Dactyl said...

Agreement. It's funny what you show up for on Google.

vbspurs said...

Intriguing! I will read that post, which I too missed.

And I unfortunately have the same problem with Google.

See, I once wrote a post on my electic blog Sundries, called


But wait! There's more. There's an odd similarity in topic at work.

Yes, it was about a Brazilian transvestite, quite a famous one in fact, and to this day, MONTHS later, I still get hits on my blog with "trannies" as the search query.

Arghhh. Ick...but I'll take the blog hits!