September 3, 2005

Fats Domino.

I see Fats Domino turned up in that last page of The Amsterdam Notebooks: that annoying little tourboat played his music, just one more example of old American popular music playing incongruously in Europe. Fats Domino has also been in the Katrina news. Here's the story of how he told his agent to pray for him because he wasn't going to leave New Orleans. His house flooded to a depth of 20 feet, and he was rescued by boat, but for three days, he failed to call the agent or his daughter, who were frantically searching for him. He'd gone to stay with a friend in Baton Rouge, where he watched the TV reports about the aftermath of the hurricane.


Mark Daniels said...

He spared his manager from saying, "You made me cry when you said, 'Good bye.' Ain't it a shame?"


doctorj2u said...

It is this kind of post that made me glad to be a New Orleanian, and not an American or a Republican. I thought I was both of the latter before 8-29-05. I did not know then what those two really stood for. Now I do. Why am I posting now, almost four years later? I just saw the documentary "Walking to New Orleans"on WLAE ( the New Orleans Catholic PBS station). I understand Fats' heart of gold. I do not understand what has become of America's heart. I hope the country can find itself and its heart and compassion again. It is too late for me to believe it, but maybe younger people can believe it again. Fats, you are the best! May you find peace in New Orleans, your home.