September 17, 2005

The email you really don't want.

A new invention (at the end of the linked article):
Japan's Denso Corp. has developed a security system that not only honks the horn incessantly when disturbed but also snaps a digital photo of the vehicle's interior and e-mails it to the owner.

Nice evidence!


Paul said...

Neighbors especially like the horn honking of a false alarm.

Jonathan said...

The cheery blast of a horn under my window at 3AM is all I need to feel comfortable, knowing that my dear neighbor has made it home safely from his night out. I can't wait for this new invention to become popular!

Next: A motorcyle anti-theft device that revs the engine if the bike is jostled.

Be said...

Hey, but they've got nothing on the South Africans...

(via The Igs.)