September 26, 2005

Curbing my enthusiasm.

Did you watch the premiere of the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"? It got off to a fine start. (Any scene with Shelley Berman ascends to a new level of greatness. My all-time favorite scene on the show was the old one where Berman kept beating around the bush, not wanting to reveal to Larry that his (Larry's) mother had died. "She didn't want to bother you. You were busy.")

I loved all the stuff last night about the Larry David sandwich. They put a lot of thought into concocting a really terrible sandwich. Two kinds of fish and cream cheese -- and capers! ("Sable? What's sable?") And that sandwich is interwoven with the unsandwich-y them of getting religion. (Or is religion like a sandwich? I'll bet some boring minister has built a sermon on that trope.)

But then I decided to reposition myself on a more comfortable piece of furniture and fell asleep for part of it. I'll have to catch it again on HBO on Demand.

There was also "Extras," which I was looking forward to seeing, but I only managed to catch a few snippets as I intermittently resurfaced from the grip of sleep. Sleep and I were like the ocean and Larry David in that first scene of "The Larry David Sandwich."


Wasteland Fan said...

Ann (and others): Would you answer the phone? Have you answered the phone? Do you answer the phone? As I point out on my blog, the question raises less of a quandary when you have a preschooler in the house, because (1) when parents of preschoolers find time for sex, it's typically well past the socially acceptable calling hours and (2) even if they find time during the socially acceptable calling hours, preschoolers typically become quick-on-the-draw, overly-confrontational answering services (e.g., I can't tell you how many times I've had to counsel my 4 year old not to say things like, "Who are you and why do you want to talk to my mommy?").

Hamsun56 said...

I live overseas, so I haven't been able to watch CYE. We do get a lot of the HBO stuff for free on TV here, such as Extras which I saw by chance this week and enjoyed very much. I like the concept and main players. Kate Winslet was very good in the guest role (I'm past the age of swooning over female stars, but watching Kate I was starting to feel younger).

Ryan Hatch said...

I rarely watch TV, and usually go to bed at 10:00. But I stayed up until 11:00 just to watch these two shows. Did not disappoint.

Actually, I think the "Larry David" sounds good. I like capers, onions, whitefish and cream cheese. I have no idea what sable is. It was funny how Ted Danson started talking about Herring and Lox. I wouldn't be surprised if a few sandwitch shops here in LA started serving it, just for kicks.

Gervais was great, though a bit toned down from his over-the-top performance in The Office. The scene with the Priest was especially funny. "I've never been touched by a Priest. I've been touched by God... But not in that way..." I love how he always digs himself in deeper.