September 25, 2005

Can I show you my baby pictures?



Thanks to John (in the top picture) for scanning and uploading this nice set of photos, mostly taken by me, from 22 years ago. I like this one too -- just hanging out in the backyard of our brownstone apartment in Park Slope:



Meade said...

Those have to have been the most photographically beautiful little boys. Ever.

SMGalbraith said...

Very beautiful.

I'm reminded of Whittaker Chambers examining his daughter's perfect ear.

All of this was simply an accident? A collection of atoms, mindless material moving around in the universe over billions of years and collecting at this point?

Look at those pictures and say it was all chance.

You think so, you silly thing?


Mom Underground said...

Adorable. Good genes!

Paul said...

Thanks, Ann. Beautiful children and parents too. Don't expect reciprocity.

Sally said...

OMG, I can't believe you used to live in Park Slope! I guess in those days it was lovely and down to earth. Now it is still lovely if not over the top hip.

Beldar said...


downtownlad said...

Yup - that Brownstone apartment is probably selling for $2 million now.

vbspurs said...

Awww! Lovely pics of lovely kiddies.

P.S.: I had to Google "Park Slope".


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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