September 16, 2005

Audible Althouse.

I just put my third podcast up: here. It's about 27 minutes long and is not entirely about the Roberts hearing. Added feature: you can hear the acorns falling on my roof.


Simon said...

I think perhaps "Heart of the Sunrise" by YES as your intro music. :p

Simon said...

Your comment towards the end of their lack of comprehension of the contradiction between demanding fealty to the constitution while also asking him to give the Congress broad deference and to uphold Roe and things of that nature was spot on, too.

Rick Lee said...

I finally got around to listening to the first one. I put it on my PDA and listened in the car recently. It was a really great way to pass a half hour in the car. I'm one of those missing audience members for talk radio. I used to be totally addicted to talk radio but I just can't stand most of it anymore. It's great to listen to a new voice... somebody whose intelligence I respect. Here's a suggestion. Get somebody to sit down with you and have a conversation. I think I prefer listening to a conversation rather than a monologue. It would be an interesting experiment in any case. It might be interesting to record your Madison blogger meetings, but I'd expect it would be difficult to make it so you could really hear everything... people talking over top of each other... background noise, etc. Jus thinking out loud. Thanks for going to the trouble.

vbspurs said...

Is it me, or is anyone else here experiencing trouble listening to Podcast 3?

The first time I d/l'ed it, I 'timed out'.

Second time, it said 'trouble synching to mpeg', or something similar.

To test my Winamp, since I hadn't listened to Podcasts 1-2, I d/l'ed those -- with no problems.

(Ann, you sounded very tentative in the first podcast, almost mousey, which I thought didn't correlate to your blogging voice. Thankfully, that must've been debut nerves or the awkwardness of the first setup, since Podcast 2 was crystal clear, and the delivery, confident)

I'll keep trying later on, after I come back from going out.


Ann Althouse said...

Victoria: I had a volume problem on 1. I hope there isn't a problem with the website with 3. It should be working now.

vbspurs said...

Thanks for checking.

I haven't gone back to listen to any one of them, but I shall Sunday night, now that I don't watch 60 Minutes any more.

(As Elaine used to say in Seinfeld, 60 Minutes was my official wind-down time in preparation for the start of the new week -- although it's interesting I mention that, since I don't think I've ever watched a full Seinfeld episode...)

I guess I'll make you my new official wind-down Sunday time from now on, Ann, assuming you podcast once a week or so.

How about dem apples?


XWL said...

After some experimentation I've found that Audible Althouse can be understood all the way up to 1.9x normal speed.

Of course at that speed she becomes a gum-smacking, fast-talking New Yorker.

And speaking of preferring typing over using dictation software since with typing "it's more connected to my thoughts" had me thinking about thinking and the gestation cycle of an idea.

Thoughts aren't formed until translated into language, though there must be such a thing as concepts without language there doesn't seem to be any reliable way to access for oneself or share these experiences with others.

I have a personal hiearchy of thought as follows;there is thought expressed physically, unvocalized, vocalized to oneself, vocalized to another, written with pen/pencil, typed extempraneously, and finally typed and then edited, and then edited again.

Now the clunkiness of the tool might have been why Prof. Althouse describes typing as being priveleged over using dictation software, or maybe her personal wiring is such that her best thoughts are best expressed in that odd mix of tactile and cerebral that is represented by typing and the way that it is less ephemeral and more editable than any other form of expressing thought.

(as the old saying doesn't go, you can lead a horse to a course on semiotics, but you can't make him think)

Ann Althouse said...

Interesting, Leroy. I'd say that I have a feeling of reality to the sentences when I'm making what can be the final version. It's somewhat tied to the way I cannot write proper notes or outlines typing. I would have to do that with a pen to do it seriously. Once I'm typing, I believe this can be the final draft, and that helps me compose sentences (but makes notetaking awkward). Speaking, I can make good spoken word, but it's hard to believe that can be the final draft for a piece of writing. So, even though I will edit what I type, just knowing that it can be the written finall version focuses my mind in a way that is very helpful.

Ann Althouse said...

And I would edit that previous comment and take out an "L."