September 12, 2005

Audible Althouse.

I just put up a new podcast. It's 25 minutes long and largely about the Roberts hearing.


XWL said...

So now all we need are audio comments
(so many social cues lost with written communication, am I being sincere or sarcastic?, starting a sentence with so can mean either, but with verbal cues the meaning would be clearer)

And Sen. Schumer is a putz (not to malign penises), and Sen. Coburn's outburst were laughable

(and your snigglet(I miss snigglets) of Hurrichicanery writes better than it sounds)

I like this overall, and if I may suggest, for a twist you might try to include a conversation with someone else as part of a future podcast since your tone is so conversational anyway, speaking with someone else might take you to places you might not otherwise have gone

andy said...

If you are fgoing to con people into going to Amazon (closeups of Maria Falconetti) you may as well get paid for it.

Ann Althouse said...

Andy: I don't think I get a cut of Amazon sales when I link like that. I'd have to make a special button to make it pay me. I'd be surprised if anyone bought "The Passion of Joan of Arc" because of my link anyway. But I do recommend it.

Ann Althouse said...

I tried to find the right image of Falconetti to link to, but couldn't. All the ones I found hard her looking down.

Meade said...

Just back from walking the ipod and idog. You've done it - I'm hooked! I like Leroy W's suggestion but mostly I enjoy hearing you read and review your blog with all of your audible inflections of amusement, boredom, irony, exasperation, skepticism, and on and on. Keep 'em comin'.

leeontheroad said...

I'll keep listening, also. Audio notes: volume was better, but, yes, the table moving was very loud, and I didn't hear any outside noises. I think such things (unintended noises and references to audience-inaudible noises) contribute to your intention: not being or sounding like a radio show.

The end reminded me of the wind-up to class dismissal. Very academic business-like. I chuckled at that.