September 7, 2005

Arlen Specter makes up the term "superprecedent" — Part 2.

Here's Part 1. And Beldar is re-skewering him for it.

Here's the WaPo story quoting Specter.


Scipio said...

I bet that Roberts was just aching to say, "What the hell is a super-precedent, Senator?"

Reminds me of a guy in my high school Latin class who thought superbus was a vehicle and that the verb meaning "to set on fire" was burno. I guess Senators are allowed to single-handedly create terms of art.

Alan said...

Maybe Specter is channeling Wm. Douglas. Perhaps super-precedent is the follow-up to the elusive “penumbra”. Takes me back to my youth, and also reminds me why I did not go to law school.

Anthony said...

Did I or did I not hear Specter saying something about a "super-duper precedent"?