August 22, 2005

She's a humdinger.



P. Froward said...

Pleistocene Folksinger Found in Cave! Pictures at 11!

"It was the final tear for the overflow and you can't stop running water," she said. "Cindy's was the final tear."

Like wow, man. Groovy.

23 Skiddoo, and all that. Maybe she can sit on a flagpole as a protest against the horseless carriage.

Meade said...

Dead ringer
For a thing-a-muh jigger

m.g. said...

Washinton Post article:
"Joan Baez was against the Vietnam War and she showed it--appearing at marches, once even blocking the entrance of a military induction center."

Funny, isn't it, that the article makes no mention of her visit to Hanoi while the war was being waged.