August 16, 2005

"September 11th is So Hot Right Now."

September 11th, coming soon to a theatre near you. I loathe the whole idea of 9/11 movies, so I suppose I should be outraged by this, but for some reason I'm not. (Scroll down to the photos.) There can't be any 9/11 humor, can there? Ever?


lindsey said...

I don't know what to think of these 911 movies. I suppose they were inevitable.

On a film website I regularly read the blogger posted a movie idea he'd had after watching Wedding Crashers. You guessed it: Funeral Crashers: 9/11. Before you vomit all over the screen I admit that the idea is despicable but done the right way with the right script, actors and director, it could probably be the kind of movie that was you weeping like a little baby. At the same time this idea should never see celluloid.

"I had this horrible idea for a movie this evening...horrible but oddly unshakable. Nobody would ever have the courage to push this with anyone else, but it's basically Oliver Stone's 9/11 movie meets Wedding Crashers. Remember Will Ferrell's character telling Owen Wilson's character that funerals are better than weddings for scoring? remember that brief phenomenon that happened in New York City right after 9/11 called "terror-fucking," which was about a lot of guys (fireman in particular) going home with a lot of women because everyone wanted to obliterate the horror of what had happened with sex...almost any kind of available sex they could get their hands on? This movie would start with a couple of horndogs (good-time guys like Wilson and Vince Vaughn's characters) who start to realize two or three days after 9/11 there are some phenomenal opportunities out there, etc. Clearly, the idea of guys trying to exploit the heartbreak of 9/11 by trying to get laid is a ghastly reaction to human suffering, but as long as we're going to see at least a couple of 9/11 movies in '06, why not go all the way and try for a twisted 9/11 sex comedy? You know...really push the envelope? I think we're ready for it."

I don't.

leeontheroad said...

I think there can be 9/11 humor, as evidenced by the Onion edition after 9/11/01. But the caveat, is-- as with so many things-- there will be things that could make us laugh and there will be things that could be exploitation of tragedy masquerading as humor. Different folks may have different views of exactly where the line is. (For example, there are aspects of hospital chaplaincy that we here think are funny; but never funny is the loss families feel.)

niceandfine said...

I think there can be humor in all situations and those theories are certainly humorous. Humor helps the healing process, but these art style films that are being made seem to be more about reliving the event. “The film, said a spokesman, will “partly improvised with an ensemble cast, and Greengrass will use handheld cameras and other stylized techniques to give the film a gritty feel.” I don't know if I will find being put in that plane at that time, a place we have all thought about since 9/11, very healing.


amba said...

The Onion actually managed to be funny not long after 9/11. I'll never forget the logo of a U.S map licked by flames, centered in the sight of a rifle, with the legend, "Holy Shit!" They also had the terrorists waking up in hell, being tortured by the Islamic version of demons (they'd done research!) and going, "Wait a minute, where are the the virgins?" I laughed.

During that shadowed first year, I had a fantasy for a sentimental 9/11 movie. I had it, I think, because I was missing the towers so much (never did like them, but discovered I'd loved them). In it, a kid who's lost a parent in the attacks dreams (or is it a dream?) that he goes out of his house at night and the towers are there, all lit up. And all the people who died are forever alive in there, sort of like angels, doing good. I never told anybody about this idea before, and I hope this movie never gets made.

I stopped missing the towers, ceremonially, after the first anniversary.

Kathy Herrmann said...

Fictional books, movies, etc. about 9-11 are inevitable. After all, it happened with WWII too. It's human nature to create art around whatever is relevant.