August 12, 2005

Preview of a podcast team.

I'm working on a podcasting project with two of my colleagues. We had a trial run the other day, testing out the equipment and the style of interaction. We're not going to post our overlong first attempt, but here's a sample:
A: Are we interested in the fact that the Rolling Stones are writing a song that's insulting Condi Rice?

G: I saw that.

A: I think they’re just trying to get their tour going.

G: You think it’s just publicity?

A: The Rolling Stones and political songs? Some of their songs were political, weren’t they? Anything come to mind as being a distinctive Rolling Stones political song?

G: I don’t remember the Rolling Stones being particularly political. Jumpin’ Jack Flash? No. “I can’t get no satisfaction.” I don’t know.

A: Yeah. “Crossfire hurricane” – is that a military term? What is that, anyway?

G: So you think they’re just trying to sell records?... They’ve got a new album coming out too. [To X:] Are you a Rolling Stones fan?

X: Not particularly. But if there’s money to be made in insulting Condi Rice, I’d like to, uh, get in on some of that.


Paul said...

Old style radio used scripts and sound effects even a band, to which you may have access. Just a thought.

miklos rosza said...

The Stones have been dead in the water and toothless for so long now, it's kind of amusing and twee that Sir Mick is trying to get some attention again.

Roger Sweeny said...

"Sweet Black Angel" tried to make a hero out of Angela Davis.