August 11, 2005

Presidential history blogging.

Rick Shenkman has expanded his one-man blog POTUS to include 15 new blogger-historians – including UW history (and law) prof Stanley Kutler.

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Eddie said...

Ann Wrote (Elsewhere) "HEY, THAT'S OUR W! A reader notes this post from yesterday and writes:

"UW" has and always will be short for University of Washington, home of the Huskies. Go Dawgs.

No, no. Go Badgers. We got the W in 1848. You kids are 1861 upstarts."

Ya, we get the same thing all the time There is one UT (THE University of Tennessee, Go Vols) founded in 1794, and we keep geeting confused with some johnny cum lately (1883) down in Texas(Hook em horns, what Kind of a mascot is that?). They even stole our School Colors. All this after we pulled thir Chestnuts out of the fire at the alamo.

posted at 09:06 AM by Ann Althouse