August 1, 2005

Passage des Panoramas.

Passage des Panoramas
Originally uploaded by John Cohen.
My son John is home from Paris, with lots of photos to upload into Flickr. I love the photoset from the Passage des Panoramas.


Paul said...

Thank John for showing me
something I'll never see,a little of the beauty and mystery of another land. More pictures, the better. Even of Wisconsin. John's companion is cute too!

Ann Althouse said...

She's French!

amy said...

The pictures are very nice, Ann. Thanks for sharing your son's adventures with us.

In case you haven't seen this today, The Washington Post is reporting ( that the ACLU "retired" SC Chief Justice Rehnquist. Rather interesting. Thought you might like to see it.

Paul said...

"She's French!"

Of Course. Sigh....

Man said...

How did he find the attitudes towards the U.S. while over there?

Paul said...

Can we then, expect an alliance, patching up years of disputes and disagreements?
Like in the old days, our prince and their princess, a marriage?
That's too personal. I just began thinking of old history and I'm kidding too.

John Althouse Cohen said...

Thanks to Paul and Amy for the very nice compliments, and thanks to everyone who has looked at the photoset.

Man: I just don't have much information to report about French attitudes towards Americans—mostly because my French is very rusty, so I was limited in my ability to communicate with most French people. (I avoid using English with strangers in non-English-speaking countries as much as possible, for the same reason that I expect people in America to speak to me in English rather than Spanish.) I don't even know how many people could tell that I'm from America rather than any other English-speaking country.

The one instance of French attitudes towards Americans that did stand out to me was something I noticed in a discussion of Iraq on the radio, which my French roommate was listening to. My French isn't good enough to allow me to understand whole sentences when the topic is as complex as Iraq, but one word did stand out to me. It was the phrase they used to refer to the insurgency:

"La résistance."

lindsey said...

Blecch. La resistance, indeed.

In your photos this one stuck out to me for the oddest reason, the sugar packet is pretty! They even have elegantly designed sugar packets!