August 9, 2005

Okay, 6 posts over there.

Time to pay attention to my readers in Althouse-world.

Did you notice I quoted one of yesterday's Althouse commenters over at Glenn's place?

Both Michael Totten and I have linked to Dan Savage guest-blogging at Michael calls Dan "gay sex advice columnist Dan Savage," which presents a complicated grammatical or punctuation problem, because if there's one thing about the Savage Love column, it's that Savage, though gay, rarely writes about gay sex. The idea -- as you already know if you're a regular reader -- is that there's something especially useful and interesting about a gay man giving advice to heterosexuals.

Speaking of advice, feel free to give me advice about what to do and not do with my Instapundit pedestal.


ploopusgirl said...

Oh, I would say do what you always do! You're brilliant, Ann!

Mark Daniels said...

How about a post on schizophrenia? I'm developing a case of it just from reading your posts, forgetting which site I'm on and trying to determine how you decide what comments go where.

yetanotherjohn said...

I would suggest more 'Heh' posts. Humor and the outrageous are generally a good crowd pleaser.

Bruce Hayden said...

My big complaint is that you are opening up so many interesting subjects over there, where we don't have a chance to opine. For example, "JOHN TIERNEY ON METH" opens up a very interesting topic on moral responsibility, esp. given what appear to me to be quite high social costs.

Maybe a thread over here to comment on what you are doing there?

Goesh said...

got any good recipes?

Ann Althouse said...

Bruce: Good idea. I've done a few posts today that match Instapundit posts so people can comment. Check them out.

Ron said...

If you use 'Glenn or Glenda', would you have a post entitled:

Look Back in Ann-gora?

How many Ed Wood puns could a pundit chuck, if a pundit could chuck Ed Wood?

Ron said...

instead of 'heh' you also need your own 'catchword.'

maybe, 'hrrrmmm' or 'narf' or 'foof'...

vbspurs said...

Woohoo! My Glenn or Glenda suggestion made it to InstaPundit!

And as much as I would love even a mini-lanche, I concur, it would've been cheesy to link back to your blog...

...well, on such a trivial matter; the suggestion you broaden the Blogosphere debate by posting that on Insty is a good one.


vbspurs said...

Look Back in Ann-gora?


As to the catchphrase, that was precisely my thinking too.

But it can't be forced, either.

Something light, nimble, and yet showing the degree of sardonicism all true intellects must project (which makes Glenn's "Heh" so perfect).

We'll brainstorm in the meantime, fear not, Glenn or Glenda.


Smilin' Jack said...

Speaking of advice, feel free to give me advice about what to do and not do with my Instapundit pedestal.

Sabotage, of course! Glenn is your competitor...time people spend on his blog is time they're not spending on yours!

I recommend lengthy discussions of the establishment clause, commerce clause, etc.

vbspurs said...

Got the catchphrase!

It's not even that synthetic, as Ann uses it all the time AND it's very much like Glenn's.


Of course, it can only be said when Ann doesn't like something she's linking to on InstaPundit, but her spirited chatter here will disabuse anyone of thinking she's a wet-blanket.


Ron said...

Meh is good! It's funny I was thinking, "Feh!"

downtownlad said...

Post a picture up there. He never has any of those on Instapundit.

vbspurs said...

That's okay, Ron.

She can inject Feh if she really objects to a post's bloviating.

Now as to the sabotage business, count me in!


Ron said...

I love the sound of the word "bloviation."

we must write lyrics to the tune of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation
using "bloviation."

Gerry said...

Hola Ann,

You are doing great on InstaPundit.

Re: "IS IT FOR REAL, this suggestion -- published in the Boston Globe -- that Catholic judges be barred from participating in abortion rights cases?"

Today at my place, I mentioned a story about Rev. Keith Butler, who is a Republican Senate hopeful from Michigan. One of my favorite commenters (he is one that disagrees with me about as often as he agrees with me) just offhandly said "I hadn’t realized that Butler was a religious figure, let alone that he was the head of a church with 21,000 members. That would make me (as someone not in that church) very leery of supporting him. Luckily for Butler, I don’t live in Michigan."

Another poster replied, "FYI, he is also Black and male in case your are prejudiced against either of those also."

We are quickly degenerating into (oh God, stop me before I cliche') two Americas. One that is comprised of followers of the religion of God, and one that is comprised of the religion of noGod.

AJ Lynch said...

Saw your link to Huffingtons Toast. That's are a great place to go when you need a good, nasty and sometimes snide serving of excellent humor.

vbspurs said...

It's not that snide. That's Private Eye!

However, I'm not Ann Althouse (although I play her on TV), so I couldn't tell you how Huffington's Toast Instapundit/AnnPundit-hommage posts sounded to me.

I think it says a lot, however, that Ann links to them, and takes it all in stride.

After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

I'm sure that saying covers send-ups too. :)


Christina Estenopolis said...
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