August 6, 2005

Number of magazines I counted on the floor of my bedroom when I realized my habit of throwing magazines on the floor was getting out of hand.



vbspurs said...

Don't get me started about magazines, or indeed, newspapers.

Although I cannot resist buying certain magazines (especially soccer ones like '4-4-2', or foreign gloss-mags like 'Manchete' and 'Oggi'), I gave up my subscriptions to the New Yorker, Harper's, and the like, when I got broadband 5 years ago.

I even, sadly, discontinued TLS, two years back. I am paper-less and fancy-free (and registered online everywhere I can).

There comes a time you have to acknowledge that saving that pizza receipt you got 3 years ago, or the National Geographic of May 2001, because..."you just never know", may well turn you one day into a bag lady.

Sentiment is great; having it is what makes people feeling and humane.

But saving your Saveur magazine of a year back on your loo floor is just not good.

Let them go, Ann. Let them go.

If you were meant to be, they'll find a way back to you.

(Like buying a heap of them at the local public library booksale)


Earth Girl said...

Just curious - what were the magazines?

Earth Girl said...

Just curious - what were the magazines?

chuck b. said...

Yeah, anything good? I kinda wish I had a magazine habit. We get lots of freebie design magazines where I live. "Buy this!" and "Glamorous That!" Doubtless a mark of my shallow nature, I find them meaty. Yes, I do need to know about bamboo floor treatments, backyard water features, and home theater sound systems.

I subscribed to Art in America for awhile but I failed to renew when the subscription expired. I think I'll try ArtNews next. I like to cut out pictures of things I like and see if I still like them after a while. Then I feel more confident when I decide to buy.

I did Harpers and The Atlantic for awhile. They were good when I rode a commuter shuttle to work, but I wouldn't read either one at home. That was years ago now actually.

I am sickeningly bougie.

Ann Althouse said...

NYT Magazine, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly...

Freeman Hunt said...

We cannot get Entertainment Weekly to stop coming to our house. We started getting it a couple years ago as a freebie when we special ordered an Aphex Twin music video from a video store. Has been coming ever since even though we've called and told them to stop sending it.

We cancelled Atlantic and TLS because I sort of faded away from reading them. Now we only get National Review and The Limbaugh Letter.

I just noticed that I use the pronoun "we" a lot as though my husband and I are some sort of interlocking humanoid transformer bots. How annoying.

Gina said...

well gee I am glad that I am not the only one doing this ..hahaha