August 31, 2005

"A Marxist Perspective on Darkness on the Edge of Town."

An academic conference on Bruce Springsteen. There are things less cool.


Adam said...

The list of all papers to be presented is here, and, OMG, it's a bit much, because you can't have a symposium paper without at least one colon:

"Writing the Dreams that Lie: Bruce Springsteen and the Art of the Body Count"

"Three chords against Oppression: A Critical Inquiry into the Didactics of Springsteen"

"When They Said Sit Down, I Stood Up: Springsteen's Social Conscience, Activism, and Fan Response"

""Like a Vision She Dances": Bruce Springsteen and the Trope of the Female Salvator"


knoxgirl said...

"When They Said Sit Down, I Stood Up"

...and then patted myself on the back...


P. Froward said...

There are things less cool.

I doubt it.

An academic conference on Mink DeVille, I'd forgive; they at least could use the exposure.