August 7, 2005

Flag in the window.

A commenter drew attention to the flag in the window (along with a Kerry-Edwards sign) in this photo (second image) and seemed think it was just a meaningless decorating choice. But the American flagas a window treatment dates back to the hippie era. I'm not sure why it became so easily comprehensible that the flag stood for the anti-war position back then, but the old practice has lived on.

What other flags can be seen in Madison windows? There's this:

Madison's East Side.


hat said...


Robert Holmgren said...

Clearly the small American flag in this window is a statement rather than decoration. However the pirate flag would serve the minimal decorating needs of its owner. My guess would be that he isn't Laotian.

Dwight said...

Could just be a Raiders fan

vbspurs said...

Ahoy there me hearties!

Okay, enough. Pirate-talk only gets you so far on AnnPundit.

But I did want to say that I'm glad my Kerry-Edwards banner comment got Ann to show us more pics of that Laotian resto.

BTW, if an upside-down flag in the Vietnam era carried anti-American implications...

...what implications do a sideways Jolly Roger carry?

BTW, lol @ the Raiders comment.