August 8, 2005


I'm double-blogging this week, here and on Instapundit. Ooh! Lookit me on Instapundit! Feel free to comment my Instapundit posts here. It's interesting noticing bloggable things and deciding whether they are Instapundit-bloggable or Althouse-bloggable. I mean, everything I think is bloggable is Althouse-bloggable, but only a subcategory of that is Instapundit-bloggable.


Ron said...

So, for the week, can we refer to you as "Annstapundit?"

Bruce Hayden said...

Or maybe InstaAnn.

I agree that what is appropriate here is quite a bit broader than over at Instapundit. I think that Reynolds is right in not enabling comments there. This allows him more freedom to say what he wants to say, without constantly being second guessed.

But I do like to respond to and comment upon blog entries, so I do appreciate that we can make our comments here. But I am not quite sure of the vehicle that you intend to use for that - possibly double posting of everything you post there? Maybe just links here to your posts there?

In any case, good luck.

Mark Daniels said...

Regarding your comment that if a person dies of lung cancer, every obit will mention that he or she was a heavy smoker: Well and good.

There are too many people who still live in denial on this one. A few years back, a woman I know--who was just 42 at the time--had a serious hear attack. She also happened to be a heavy smoker and her doctor said that she needed to stop. Her husband told me that he was concerned because all of their close friends were smokers, heightening the "peer pressure" to light up.

Later, I spoke with the couple to whom the woman was closest. They were telling me things like, "The doctors don't know what they're talking about. We've known lots of people who didn't smoke who had heart attacks or got cancer."

Haven't we all? But, the data is irrefutable that smoking is a huge danger.

So, when the obit writers point out that a prominent person has been victimized by their addiction to cigarettes, they perform an enormous public service.

Bruce Hayden said...

I have been trying out "Annpundit", but maybe "Altpundit" might be better?

Duke of DeLand said...

Or how about:

"Ann-ALTernate Pundit?"

Congratulations Ann, and I look forward to the time and to observing how Instapundit fares with the "volunteers(?)"....

I believe, from the sound of his post, Glenn seems eager to see the result...

Duke of DeLand

Ron said...

So are you also in the Pijama Battalion for the week? Or has that campaign not started yet?

vbspurs said...

everything I think is bloggable is Althouse-bloggable, but only a subcategory of that is Instapundit-bloggable.

AnnPundit, please -- Glenn speaks in quick, staccato, and eminently easy-to-read sentences.

That right there sounded like Daily Kos. Ick.

P.S.: Nice about having a place to comment on Glenn's posts on InstaPundit. I always thought the "internets" would collapse if he allowed posting comments on his blog.


vbspurs said...

Stop the presses!

I have a better nickname than AnnPundit or ALTernaPundit (magic though those are).

How about...

Glenn or Glenda?


Bruce Hayden said...

So, if you are watching over that at Instapundit, Glenda (aka AnnPundit) takes Victoria's last post and then links to (not) her interview at Huffinton Toast with Glenn.

chuck b. said...

"BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DETRACT from the rest of the art exhibit, the curators removed the fetus head grafted onto the body of a bird."

Grrrrrrooooooosssssssss!!!! Note to self: I don't need to see that!!! Time out, okay, Jane, time out!!!

Barth said...

How 'bout. . .
"its an pundit"
(an annagram, get it?)