August 25, 2005

Design the new BlogAds logo and win $1000.

And tell them I sent you and cause me to win $300. That would be pretty nice.


BENINSKI said...

OK, I can always use a spare grand rattling around in my watch pocket.

In the meantime, Annie old girl, you need to attract readers for my inexplicably neglected leftist-weirdo political blog BENINSKI'S BENINSKIVITE WORLD OF V.I. BENINSKI, BY BENINSKI.

The first 100 new readers will be awarded the Hero of Avoiding Socialist Labour Award by none other than Beninski Himself. Check it out at

Thanks, Annie. I don't care what the rest of your readers say behind your back, I think you're a better than average kind of gal.

Freeman Hunt said...

Neat to have a contest like that.

Have to say, however, that there is a reason that there are entire businesses devoted to creating logos. And there is a reason that corporations might use a more organic looking version of their logo in some advertising, but at heart have a traditional logo.

Traditional logos are inoffensive and bland. In a logo, that's actually a good thing. A more distinctive personallized logo may turn some people on, but it's bound to turn a lot of people off too.

Sissy Willis said...

Your $300 is in the mail. ;)

"That would be pretty nice"