August 29, 2005

"The Comeback."

Did you enjoy the second-to-the-last episode of "The Comeback"? There were some richly satisfying moments this week, especially regarding my favorite villain, Paulie G. And I loved Valerie's song in the end, after she cast off the "plain vanilla" style.


Rick Lee said...

Oh yeah... the "punch" at the end was surprising. Oh by the way, does this mean your are vomit-blogging again? :-)

JP said...

A cupcake triumphs! I personally liked her vanilla version better than the angry one. It was classic Val.

I do hope the show signs on for a second season.

Ann Althouse said...

It was so absurd for her to be so into that song, which she didn't seem to realize is such a big cliché. Singing it as though it especially applied to her was one more example of her endearing blindness. Her attempt to belt/yell it in the end to overcome her hopeless vanillaness was so awful and touching at the same time. I really did laugh and cry.

JP said...

I gather the absurdity of Val would be the angle Jane & Co. would take if The Comeback were a real show. She clearly doesn't understand what "I Will Survive" is about as evidenced by her telling the guy to "cue up the good part" or whatever. She likes the tune. Just like she thought her fans didn't recognize her on the red carpet because she changed her hair. Cluelessness is her essence.

She's tragic, but I suppose that's part and parcel for the concept of a "comeback." Thankfully we have reality television to exploit the moments. See, e.g., Bobby Brown; Kathy Griffin.